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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

''Does he/she Love me??''

You are invited to party. There are many free attractive people there. How will behave your partner?
Greets with everybody but is still with you.
Talks to everybody but you are close to him.(ashik)
He/ she flirts with everybody.

Does he/ she commemorate his/ her last partners?
Absolutely no.(ashik)
Sometimes, but only which you knows too.
Yes, very often last time.

Does he/ she talk often that he needs more freedom and don´t want to couple?
Sometimes but only as joke.
Yes it is his/ her favourite topic.

Is he/ she jealuos?
Yes but when he/ she has reason.(ashik)
No, never.
Yes also when he/ she hasn´t any reason.

Does he/ she feel out if you are not in good mood?
Yes of course.
Never, he/ she isn´t interested.

Does he/ she surprise you sometimes with small gift or tickets to cinema?
Yes very often.(ashik)
No, never.

Does he/ she have secrets?
You don´t know.(ashik)
You think he/ she has.
You know he/ she has.

If you are arqueing does he/ she talk about separation?
No never.
Yes he/ she is threaten with it.

Is still same sex appeal as before?
I think is better(ashik).
I think is same as before.
No we are like brother and sister.

What do you think which program for weekend it will be the best for him/ her?
You two in homely place.
Trip by bicycle or go skiing.(ashik)
Everybody doing something other- he fishing you shopping.

..Love Test Result..
Congratulations.Your partner love you!!! You are everything for your partner. It can be because your relation is at the beginning or is it longer relationship and you have intimate and permanent love. In both situations you feel love period and it is only on you how long it will took.This quiz has been taken 8590 times. Your personality type matches 76.43% of the people who have taken this quiz... 

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