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Monday, December 27, 2010

y3ah..n3w y3ar 2011...SoON..

waIT..waIT..waIT..anD StIlL waITTInG...hurrrrmmmMMm 
 hapi  new year to all my family all know you!!!!!!

VijAy tHe bOdTgUaRd!!!!!!

The film is about a youngster Arjun (Vijay), who adores the most powerful people and wants to be their bodyguard. Somehow, he manages to become the trusted aide of a leading industrialist (Raj Kiran), his wife (Roja) and his college-going daughter Meera (Asin). The industrialist wants Arjun to accompany Meera to college. After a lot of hilarious moments, the film... ends with an unexpected twist....

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Your Love Hurts
The more you love me,
The more I get hurt,
You love to watch me fall,
Suffocating me
While you hold me in your arms.
I know I don’t have all the answers,
But the one thing you can never tell me
Is that you’ve never told a lie!!!